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Dance - wild and free
In Tuscany from August 3rd. until August 6th, 2023

Are you interested in movement, dance, expression, community and always live drum accompaniment?


Four hours of dance and movement every day: two hours of Afro power, sweating, with live drum accompaniment.

Two hours of Heart in Motion: feeling yourself, perceiving what is. Express yourself physically in an appreciative space to selected music. Meeting each other authentically, a quality that our autonomic nervous system loves.

Be in the here and now - relaxation can take place.


In beautiful surroundings near the Merigar Buddhist center near Arcidosso in Tuscany. 

Live drum accompaniment: Cheikh Bangoura 

Costs: Early bird until May 30th - 250 euros plus accommodation and meals

from May 30th - 300 euros

Accommodation plus breakfast and a hot meal from 35 euros (tent/camper) - 70 euros per night.
There are rooms, cabins and camping options. (e.g. AIRBNB Link)

Bus connection from Florence

Registration and also questions: Contact


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