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Heart in Motion

Dance has been my great joy for over twenty years. I have been teaching West African dance since 2009 and have learned to appreciate the drums as a great supporter of movement and expression.

What interests me is how we can discover our body as an instrument, as a mediator of our inner world, as a channel of our being in dance.


In my courses, the focus is on improvisation and the opportunity to learn about certain topics in movement.

In silence, with drums and selected music.

Heart in Motion 1 x monthly in Munich: Flyer 

Afromoves  1 x monthly in Kirchdorf near Munich 
African dance every Wednesday 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. in Munich Rudolf Steiner School Schwabing Leopoldstr.17  

Workshop Tuscany from August 1st - August 4th, 2024: Flyers

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Kristina Prepoutsidis' course was wonderful! A unique and very beneficial and healing mixture of African dance elements, exercises and forms of movement on the subject of body awareness and dance in all facets. Kristina is very sensitive and empathetic in her work! It was incredibly liberating, good for you and a lot of fun! I can absolutely recommend the workshop and look forward to Kristina’s next offerings!

Heart in motion - Here dance and "inner feelings" combine with the help of beautiful music to create an hour full of feelings and expression. Tracing subtle energies, getting in touch with myself, supported by the community of the group, this is a unique experience that I have only been able to experience with you, dear Kristina, in the "Heart in motion" hours. Thank you very much for that! 

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