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About me


Kristina Prepoutsidis

What accompanies and supports healing in us humans?

This question has accompanied me since I was twenty. After starting medical studies, I decided to complete three years of full-time training to become a naturopath.
It soon became clear that my hands were an essential part of my work.
I have been accompanying people on their healing path for twenty years, including 16 years as a craniosacral therapist.
I was and still am allowed to learn from wonderful teachers and of course also from the people who came and still come to my practice.
Methodologically, I first dealt with manual osteopathy, Quaternio (working with the breathing body according to Victor Robert) and then craniosacral therapy.
These comprehensive insights into body work paved the way to my heart of moving embryology.
With this method I developed, we have the opportunity to physically and mentally experience our process of creation, our becoming of form and thus our potential for creation. Every person, every body is a miracle with history and individual potential.

My aim is to accompany and support people on their path to healing and in the development of their personal potential.

In recent years I have been very involvedIFSand am currently in training, a method that is dedicated to the inner family system and wonderfully complements body work.



What I'm also passionate about is dancing. I have been dancing for 26 years.
African, especially West African dance has had a decisive influence on me. I have been teaching this since 2009.


And not to forget, a very important part of my life is my family and our son Jannis, who was born in 2013.


  • Bioenergetic bodywork according to LowenIrmgard Schmelcher Haimerl 2000 - 2003

  • Renner method - Leopold Renner 2003

  • Quaternio - Victor Robert 2003 - 2009

  • Craniosacral therapy - Wilhelm Blattner and Ingrid Weidmann 2007 - 2010

  • Assistant at the school for craniosacral touch Karin Klinke Vienna 2011-2013

  • Development of moving embryology and beginning workshop activities in 2011

  • Master certificate in osteopathy 2015

  • Co-trainer at the School for Craniosacral Touch Vienna 2016 - 2018

  • Birth of the artist Gerlinde Wagner 2021-2022

  • Ifs in training at the Ifs Institute Berlin

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